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diagram indicating highlights of HR1062

Channel Display

Display the channel number.

Power Input

Internal AC power supply with DC battery back-up allows operation during power failures.


Ethernet port provides access to IP networks, allowing the HR106X to connect to other repeaters and application software for voice dispatching, AVL and messaging.


Improved receiver sensitivity gives enhanced coverage and clearer audio compared to older products.


Created with Sketch. Ultra-thin Modular

The 1U height of the HR106X series makes it compact, thus reducing space requirements for installation.

StayConnected-0x20 Outstanding Performance

Enhanced version with additional co-processor provides increased processing speed to increase data processing.

Created with Sketch. Cost-effective network construction

The enhanced version of HR1062 can support integrated router and SIP gateway functionality, requiring fewer devices and simplified management and offering a cost-effective solution.

Created with Sketch. Convenient Management

In the enhanced version a web-based repeater management platform has designed to simplify repeater management. Configuration, upgrade and real-time diagnosis can all be completed through a web browser, which is ideal for remote management.

Accessories for HR1062

Included as standard with HR1062 Included as standard with HR1062

Systems that work with HR1062

Technical Specifications


Frequency Range
VHF: 136-174MHz
UHF1: 400-470MHz
UHF2: 450-520MHz
Standard, without Co-Processor
Enhanced, with Co-Processor
Channel Capacity
Supply Voltage
DC +13.6v ± 15% AC 100-240V
44 x 483 x 366 mm
Ethernet Port
1 x RJ45 Ethernet Port (Standard Version) 2 x RJ45 Ethernet Port (Enhanced Version)
USB Port
1 x USB Port (Enhanced Version)