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Improve efficiency and ensure safety wherever you operate.

If you work on or own a farm, you know that people, crops, equipment, and animals are spread-out over long distances. You understand how busy and often chaotic a farm can be. In many cases, farms located in areas that have little to no cell-phone reception will find it difficult to communicate with their employees and those who work on the farm with them.

The need to coordinate supplies, people, and equipment, keep owners/managers informed, respond to rapidly changing conditions or emergencies, all depend on constant and instant communication. A set of Hytera two-way radios are great for farmers to convey a message to anyone they need across a vast plot of land, and to make sure everything is running smoothly during day to day operations.

Better efficiency due to reduced operating costs

Radios supporting group calling make it much easier to coordinate activities, contact farm workers and to relay messages to many people simultaneously saving on time and providing better workflow management.

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Better Coordination

Farm supervisors need to coordinate teams dispersed across different locations and with some working alone. Two-way and PoC radios enable staff to communicate with each other instantly, anytime, anywhere.

Instant Communications

Instant Communications

The group calling capability of DMR and PoC devices means managers can communicate with large numbers of staff simultaneously, rather than have to contact them all individually, saving time.

Clearer Audio

Improved Audio

Personnel work in noisy environments, but they must be able to hear instructions over the radio. Hytera noise cancelling technology gets rid of background sounds to provide much clearer audio.

Hands Free Wireless Operation

Hands-Free Wireless operation

Bluetooth technology enables connectivity to wireless microphones, improving the user experience and allowing your personnel to communicate while keeping their hands free to carry out assigned tasks.