Intelligent Communications Solution for Mining

The number of surface (open-cast) mines is decreasing, while more costly deep mine numbers are on the rise. New mineral resources are becoming scarcer and fewer high-quality ores are left to exploit. This has forced mining companies to explore deposits in more remote and harder-to-access areas, which are often located in harsh environments. Many existing mines are reaching the end of their life with the quality of ores reducing, meaning the production costs per ton of ore are increasing. The risks, lead times, and operational costs are therefore higher. Mining companies continue to face operational challenges. Maintaining productivity in the face of declining ore grades, increasingly expensive exploration, heightened sensitivity to environmental as well as unprecedented cost volatility and regulatory oversight requires more sophisticated solutions and systems used to keep operations running smoothly. Digital technologies emerged as the right solution to create a platform for innovation and collaboration.

Improved Efficiency

Hytera Mining Solution focuses on four major usage scenarios: integrated platform, connected workers, remote operation center, and instant communications. By bringing together data from on-field physical assets and enabling off-field remote and virtual access, mining companies can improve their abilities to analyze real-time information, augment their digital capacities and create platforms to integrate their data, analytics, and workflows.

Sophisticated Automation

The use of communications technology in the mining industry can be divided into three main areas: automation; in-pit mobility; and data centric analytics. Digital communication technology is widely seen as having a major role to play here in helping to simplify processes, reduce risks, cut costs and improve margins.

Improved Audio

Personnel work in noisy environments, but they must be able to hear instructions over the radio. Hytera noise cancelling technology gets rid of background sounds to provide much clearer audio.

Data Analytics

The basic building block for increased mining digitization is to invest a converged communications platform capable of providing broadband speeds and supporting multiple data, voice and video applications. Analysing big data connected to this platform helps managers in decision making to maximize efficiency, productivity, safety and profitability.

Workforce Safety

Modern technologies used in the mining can actively support real-time monitoring of people, machinery, and mine conditions. Constant two-way communication systems are a necessity that allows miners, support groups and control rooms to be in continuous contact.

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